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Abortion debate in the Varsity… 21 months ago

In clearing out old draft posts, I found this one which for some reason I never published. It was originally written on February 8th… 2008. I offer it to you now, better late than never — it’s not like the

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A new way to confuse the abortion issue

I don’t want to get too involved with American politics, but this open letter to Sarah Palin (via Feministing) was a bit hard to resist. Lynn Paltrow asks, Did you know that [changing the law on abortion] not only threatens

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The unthinkable shmashmortion

Two articles (Globe and Mail, Toronto Star) have appeared in Canadian newspapers on the topic of abortion in Hollywood movies (and celebrity lives) recently. Both pro-choice articles attempt to describe something problematic about Hollywood’s recent depiction of abortion. Why hasn’t

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