Moving video testimony of family supporting anencephalic pregnancy

John Smeaton brings us a moving video testimony of a Brazilian family who refused abortion in the face of anencephaly.

The Brazilian government wants Brazil’s supreme court to allow the abortion of unborn children with anencephaly – babies missing the upper part of the brain. The court case has resulted from the story of Marcela de Jesus Galante Ferreira, a girl with anencephaly who lived for one year and eight months, much longer than most infants born with the condition.

Marcela’s family and doctors have given their testimony in a two-part video made by pro-lifers in Brazil. Click on the images below to view the video. Subtitles for the video are available in English and Spanish (click on the YouTube logo to view on the YouTube site, click the tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the box and then click CC).

Smeaton also took the time to pull out some quotes in his blog post.



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