Tools used in abortion throughout history

As Cherise Hawley remarks, “looks like torture stuff from a horror movie” — abortion instruments used throughout history.

This abortion instrument works by pushing the spike into the child’s head. Once it is inside, the button is pushed. When it flattens, you can pull the child out.

I couldn’t make it through the whole list.

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7 comments on “Tools used in abortion throughout history
  1. Christina says:

    To be fair, if I understand correctly that particular instrument was only used on mothers who had obstructed labor because the baby was too big to pass through the pelvis — and typically only after the baby had died.

    With the advent of the c-section, instruments used for that purpose were rightfully relegated to the museum of medical horrors — only to be redesigned and repackaged as “D&X”, aka “Partial Birth Abortion”.

    Funny, when it comes to destroying third trimester fetuses, the abortion lobby has no qualms about turning back the clock to the real medical Dark Ages. As long as the baby dies, they’re satisfied.

  2. Lee says:

    Culture of Death….cannot be gussied up, can it?

  3. katelyn ebanks says:

    whoever abort a baby i pray that god may have mercy on your soul bcuz u didnt have mercy on your child own!!!!

  4. **love** says:

    ke desconsiderados

  5. jen says:

    Abortion is bull shit. Your all murders. Some one who is mature enough to make a baby should be mature enough to know right from wrong.

  6. jotirarig says:

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